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After visiting the unexpected Geneva and the mystique Lugano, I was all geared up for my next destination- Interlaken, the Adventure Capital of Switzerland.

Interlaken, a city that invited me for the third time and gifted me with a new experience. It was a complete 180-degree turn from my previous stays. The last time I visited Interlaken was in winter when the entire town was wrapped with a blanket of snow. And the first time I visited Interlaken, I was treated to balmy weather, which is the best season for all the water sports in the city. However, this time, I took a trip in the month of Autumn with a cosy warmth from the sun wafting in the air and the entire town decorated in gold, orange and yellow hues. And during my three days in the alpine paradise, I took three adventure-filled day trips from Interlaken to get the best out of the adventure capital of Switzerland.

What makes Interlaken so picturesque is its location – a resort town in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland snuggled by Lake Thun on one side and Lake Brienz on the other. And that’s why the town is named Interlaken.

Greatly admired for its Alpine beauty, Interlaken sees a great influx of Indian tourists every year, thanks to Yashraj Studios. This place is also the first choice for Adventure junkies like me, who visit for numerous adventure activities under one roof.

Adventure activities that you can’t miss in Interlaken

DAY 1 – Paragliding and Jetboat Scenic Ride in Interlaken

My first-day trip from Interlaken started by indulging in the most popular adventure activities for which Interlaken is renowned for – Paragliding and jetboat riding.

Paragliding in Interlaken

My adventure journey in Interlaken started with Paragliding. A short walk from my Hotel Du Nord took me to Skywings paragliding meeting point, from where we took a 20 minutes bus ride to reach the jump-off point where a set of wings were waiting for me to explore the beautiful landscapes of Bernese Oberland region where I had only marvelled from the ground below.

As I took the flight, the spectacular scenery I witnessed amidst the clouds was indescribable and will only lose its charm in translation. But to hint at what you can expect from the flight, it makes you feel like a free bird, swaying in the sky with fresh air blowing in your face. Your eyes will get a glimpse of everything that comes within the bird’s eye view, a 360-degree sight of the panoramic townscape like a Lego set piece with snow-clad mountains shining like a diamond on the periphery of the town and birch trees colouring the hills with their golden leaves. I watched all this while floating atop the clear turquoise sapphire lakes – Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

I’ve done paragliding the world over, but if I were to rate paragliding in Interlaken, I would rank it among the top three simply because of the splendid views you get. No wonder it is a bucket list for many.

How much does Paragliding cost in Interlaken?

The cost of a single flight depends on the duration you opt for; it generally ranges between CHF 120-200, and an extra CHF 40 if you want HD videos and photos of your flight.

Jetboat Scenic Ride in Interlaken

While traversing in the air during Paragliding, my eyes were glued on the pristine sapphire lakes, and it seemed as if the dazzling lake was inviting me to ride on it. So, after flying on top of the world, I decided to fly on the water and directly headed to Lake Brienz to experience a Jetboat ride.

After a short walk to Interlaken Ost from the Paragliding base, I hopped on a bus to reach Bönigen See, where the Jetboat base was. When I booked a 50 minutes jet boat ride, I had no clue what I was signing up for. The jet boat glided at high speeds and sharp 360-degree turns on the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. This adventure offered a sightseeing experience but with a twist. The swiftness of the ride on the ripples of the lake supplied views in fast-forward with sprays of water caressing you. Thankfully I was provided with wetsuits and helmets. And, the best part, our boat driver doubled up as a photographer and a guide sharing exciting trivia about the lake.

How much does Jetboat ride cost in Interlaken?

One single ticket for an mature costs around CHF 109 and CHF 79 for a child, and they also offer a Family Ticket ( 2 matures + 2 children) at CHF 333

While returning, instead of catching a bus, I hopped on to a local Cruise Ship on Lake Brienz to witness the remarkable golden hour. Contrasting to the jet speed views I saw in fast-forward motion while on a Jetboat, this felt far more calming and in slo-mo, granting me enough time to cherish the beauty around me. And the setting sun became the icing on the cake.

I ended the day with a quiet dinner at Restaurant Taverne. Their pizzas and Swiss Fondue are to die for.

DAY 2 – Epic adventures of Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

After an adventure-packed first day in Interlaken, my next day’s trip from Interlaken was to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe following day. It was no doubt one of the highlights of my stay in Interlaken.

I was ecstatic to visit the highest train station in Europe and witness Jungfraujoch’s alpine wonderland of ice, snow and rock amidst Mountain Mönch and Jungfrau. My tour guide for the day was Ms Erica Mattle, who met me in my hotel Lobby, and together we travelled to Jungfraujoch via a short half-hour train journey from Interlaken to the newly constructed Grindelwald Terminal. We boarded the new Eiger Express triable gondola from there, taking us to Eiger Glacier station in 15 minutes.

Alpine Sensation

My first visit was to Alpine Sensation, which is 250 metres long passage between Sphinx Hall and Ice Palace. I was welcomed by Frosty winds and a heavy feeling upon witnessing the 30 memorial tablets that displayed the sacrifices of the miners who provided access to Jungfraujoch.

The Alpine surprise Experience Hall was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Jungfrau Railway and opened on April 1, 2012. Here, you can not only watch beautiful ice sculptures but also understand the story behind the iceberg train.

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